Powering a green Nova Scotia, together.

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is a consultative process where we work with our partners, stakeholders, the energy community, and our regulator to plan for the long-term future of our electricity system.

As part of the 2020 Integrated Resource Plan, the Evergreen IRP process was identified to enable the refinement of the Action Plan and Roadmap items to align with planning environment changes. This new process will facilitate updates as conditions change and technology or market options develop, and as Action Items are completed or significantly advanced.

Read the evergreen IRP documents and 2023 Action Plan and Road Map.

What is the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)?

At its core, the IRP outlines our commitment to supporting provincial decarbonization and providing a clean, reliable energy system while focusing on customer affordability — in both the near and long term.

Together with our partners, stakeholders, the energy community, and our regulator, our shared priorities are:

  • Safety: To provide safe electric service throughout the province.
  • Reliability: To meet reliability requirements that ensure supply adequacy.
  • Affordability: To find the lowest long term cost option to supply electricity to Nova Scotians
  • Clean Energy: To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support economy-wide decarbonization.
  • Robustness: To develop a plan that can withstand realistic potential changes to key assumptions.

The IRP outlines how we can shift towards a cleaner electricity system and support the growth of a clean and green economy by enabling the electrification of other sectors like transportation and heating.